Case Studies Sunderland Music Project

Due to drastic financial cut- backs in the provision of music in schools in Sunderland, many children have been left with little or no opportunity experience of playing a musical instrument and being involved in musical ensembles. With the assistance of Holly Nichol, the Director of Music at Southmoor Academy in Sunderland, the Trustees agreed in 2018 to form the Sunderland Music Project, providing financial assistance to pupils at the school, providing them with instrumental music lessons. The project has been a huge success, not only encouraging children from Year 7 to take up an instrument, but also perform in some large-scale events including at the Sage, Gateshead and The Foundation of Light in Sunderland.

Students who show commitment and determination in Year 7 are awarded funding from the Trust to continue with individual instrumental lessons as they continue up through the school.